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Simplify parts ordering by registering for the Adams online store. Search for over 20,000 parts and place an order with the click of a mouse. Our online store is a flexible platform that allows you to view your order and payment history, check an order's delivery status and research and order parts whenever it's convenient for you. Plus, customers save 2% on all online orders. Click on the blue box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to watch the instructional video in either English or Spanish, and click on the yellow box to start shopping.


Featured Products

3D Door Sensor

GateKeeperNew "smart camera" technology increases the efficiency of your existing door protection system utilizing the latest technology and "time of flight" principles. It's an easy add-on to existing 2D systems that provides unmatched protection against personal injury and property damage.

Watch the 3D Sensor Video



GateKeeperThis revolutionary new system monitors the floor area inside your elevator cab using infrared technology, comparing available space in real time to a reference image. When large items such as wheel chairs, luggage and shopping carts fill the cab without triggering weight capacity sensors, CabVision™ “sees” that the cab is full and switches to “express run,” boosting elevator efficiency and passenger satisfaction. Click here (PDF download) to learn more!


LifeJacket® Hydraulic Elevator Safety System

GateKeeper LifeJacket® grips the plunger and stops the fall if the cylinder or hydraulic pressure fails. It's the proactive safety measure recommended for all hydraulic elevators installed before 1980, at a fraction of the cost of replacing a worn or damaged cylinder. 

Watch the LifeJacket Promo Video

Watch the LifeJacket Technician’s Installation Guide


The Equator™ Equalizes Rope Tension

GateKeeperPrevent premature and excessive rope and sheave groove wear with The Equator™ Rope Tensioning System. Unequal tension creates vibration and rope slip, inevitably leading to premature and excessive wear of ropes and sheave grooves. Click here to learn more!




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Elevator Service Parts Catalog V.18

Catalog v18

With over 500 pages, featuring more parts than any other distributor, the Adams catalog just may be the most important tool on the truck.

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For a limited time only, buy one PCB and receive a 10% discount on the purchase of a second board. Call Adams for details.






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LifeJacket SilentMove