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Elevator Catalog

Download Vol. 18

Click here to download a PDF version of the complete Adams Elevator Parts Catalog Vol. 18

With over 500 pages, featuring more parts than any other distributor, the Adams catalog just may be the most important tool on the truck.


  Elevator catalog

Our electronic catalog is searchable in three formats:

  1. A single PDF file containing all 530 pages in one file (as noted above).
  2. Fifteen (15) separate PDF files corresponding to the fifteen catalog sections shown to the right.
  3. Separate PDF files for each page in the product catalog.

(File size of complete catalog is approximately 20MB;† download time will depend on your computerís capabilities and on the speed of your Internet connection.)




View Catalog 18 Section by Section

Click to go to the OEM or part category section you want to search:
(please note: depending on the speed of your Internet connection, some of the larger catalog sections may take up to 30 seconds to appear on your monitor. Please be patient.)


pdf01 How To Order

pdf02 Tools, Instruments & Supplies

pdf03 Adams Safety Products

pdf04 Adams Parts

pdf05 Adams Fixture Components

pdf06 Armor

pdf07 Dover

pdf08 GAL

pdf09 Haughton

pdf10 KONE/Montgomery

pdf11 Otis

pdf12 Schindler/Westinghouse

pdf13 Other OEMs

pdf14 Starter/Contactor Parts

pdf15 Part Number Indexes


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